The first step to having a great vacation in Jiuzhaigou Valley is the planning and part of the planning includes what to bring. You'd better check out our weather & climate page for average temperature before you go there.

Equipment for Any Season:

Sun Protection: Sunglasses, Sun Screen, Hat, Sun Cream, Lip Balm

Sturdy Walking Shoes

Warm Hat and Jacket for cool nights (even in the summer)



Film / compact flash cards for the camera.  Whichever yours needs. You can buy some while there but why pay their prices.

Recharger for the battery. Seems obvious doesn't it.

A tripod?  If you get an inexpensive scope (or better) don't forget a tripod.  

A small backpack.  Its a handy way to carry things even on a short walk.

Clothing and Personal Equipment:

Dress in layers, be willing to stop to add/take off layers to prevent overheating or getting too cold

Insulating Underwear: Capilene, polypropylene or wool blend underwear – no cotton

Mid-weight Insulating Layer: polypro or wool layers – no cotton

Heavyweight Insulating Layer: wool, down, heavy-weight fleece or other synthetic fabric. Heavy winter coat will suffice for less active pursuits. No cotton

Waterproof/windproof Outer Layer: jacket and pants

Socks: light wool or synthetic liner sock with heavier wool or synthetic outer sock. No cotton.

Hat: Headband, wool or polypro hat

Insulated Boots: water repellent outside, thick insulation.

Suggested Pack Contents for Day Trip:

Insulated vest/jacket 

Snack, bread or other food. There is only one restaurant within the park, if you go there you may have to lined up to wait for a long time in the peak season. You may also hunt up a restaurant to appease your hunger outside the park's entrance, but it will wast your visit time.

Water bottle/s: Drink little, drink often!

Toilet paper

Wind/waterproof jacket and pants

Spare hat: ball cap for sun, wool or polypro hat for warmth (winter)

Spare gloves and socks (winter)

Lip balm



Rain gear

Hiking boots with good socks

Whatever shirts and pants you need.  (summer and fall)

Gaiters: gaiters cover boots and keep snow out of your shoes (winter)


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