Jiuzhaigou is rich of green color in Summer. The summer time, all of the nature is range from light green to deep green. It is a rainy season, but, usually, the day time is sunny. It is getting warmer and the water level of the lakes and the waterfalls return to the normal with the rain season coming, making the views of Jiuzhaigou very photogenic. It is getting greener though you have no chance to view the colorful leaves which you will see in autumn. June is a shoulder tourist season, so you can avoid the sea of people during the high season from July to October. 


Jiuzhaigou has a pleasant weather, especially at morning and evening. The temperature ranges between 11°C (night) and 20°C (day) in June. Jeans, long shirts and an umbrella are suggested during the summer. It is good to bring a sunhat and sunglasses. 

Summer time tourism is good, so prices are higher than in the winter time. But busy tourist season is in the fall, so you can enjoy it before the autumn.

Jiuzhaigou Rhino Lake

 Jiuzhaigou in July

Jiuzhaigou August


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