Jiuzhaigou is incredibly beautiful in the fall. The trees leave turn into yellow, and colorful trees reflect on the water so brilliantly and make a beautiful view especially in September and October. The gold season time, when mountains and trees painted to the yellow, the nature of Jiuzhaigou is charming and most of the tourists arrive here to visit this colorful scenery of this place. It is a rainy season.  In mid-November autumn leaves is gone. It is not the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou. But it is not a bad idea to visit it. When you will see the beautiful water in Jiuzhaigou with bold branches of the trees reflected on the water. Also, if you visit Jiuzhaigou on November, you are eligible for low season discounts.


The temperature starts to cool down in September, it is around 11 °C (night) and 21 °C (day) 

The highest price is in October, there are a lot of tourists. Avoid the period from 1-7 October, it is the National Holiday in China, this period many and many of tourists are here. And November is a lowest temperature in Valley, but still very beautiful and the leaves beginning to drop from the trees. The highest prices of flight ticket and hotel room are in autumn, it is boom season for tourism.

Reed Lake Jiuzhaigou Valley

Five-Color Pool


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