Looking for the perfect time to visit Jiuzhaigou Valley? The first step is to figure out which moment is good for you. The Scenery is varied in four seasons and each of them is amazing. Jiuzhaigou Valley is a magic land with masculine mountains, feminine water, breathtaking scenery of forested canyons, rivers and various birds. The water in the river is the clearest in the world, which is the heart of the land. Light green water, brilliant blue skies, colorful forest and birds, all contributing to the unique scenery of Jiazhaugou Valley. 

Spring in Jiuzhaigou is the fairytale world 

One of the best times to visit Jiuzhaigou is in the spring. This time you can enjoy it all from the lake water color, scenery of forested canyons and mountains. March is the awakening period for Jiuzhaigou tourism, because this time begins “green season”, with the charming scenery, flowers and trees. 


In the March is still cold and frozen. The temperature is about 16℃ (day) and 4℃ (night), still a bit chilly. Mid-April is a good time to view spring flowers like peach flowers. The temperature increases in May. A big drop of temperature between day and night, so wear warmly in the early morning and evening 18℃ at noon and 7℃ in the evening, just for your reference. 

Rainy Season 

Spring is the rainy season, so it is a chance to wear a raincoat and also don’t forget to bring your umbrella since it often showers in the spring, especially in the evening. In addition, sun block is still needed during the daytime due to its high altitude.

March is not a travel season, so hotels and tickets are relatively cheaper, also, this month is not crowded.  A lot of tourists arrive in April, and hotels rates are higher, tickets price are higher too. And high tourist month is May, all price is higher. 

Jiuzhai Valley National Park in March

Jiuzhaigou Valley in March

Jiuzhaigou National Park March


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